At Glowbeads we are all about growing your glow. What does that even mean? Well colour is the magic that makes people smile. If the sun is out and we are surrounded by beautiful skies, trees, sand, whatever it is, there is a richness with colour and texture and it affects our mood. What we strive to do is capture that energy, that colour and glow and give it to you to experience, even when the weather is gloomy or when we are feeling overburdened. Picking up a Glowbeads piece immediately gives off a vibrancy that is just a little different.

The pieces themselves are crafted to be a little intriguing, they have a mystique about them but more than that they have a hint of cheekiness. You can’t not but smile at them. They are made with love, each by hand here in the UK, with lots of attention and detail. They affordable and accessible to all to lift your mood at any time.